Chat Goblin application answers inquiries in real-time

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Mobile application service provider Gold Mobile has debuted Chat Goblin, a Web-based desktop application that allows customer-service professionals to easily communicate one-to-one to mobile consumers using text messaging.

Chat Goblin is compatible with all major wireless carriers and can be integrated with existing customer relationship management software.

"Many businesses have a fairly decent segment of customers that are on the go when they need information," said Robert Gold, CEO of Gold Mobile. "The point here is to engage the customer at the point of search. We are trying to get the information they want to them in real time."

Gold said that this allows Gold Mobile to elevate its brand, cut down on the time it takes to service customers and opens an opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell.

Chat Goblin has customized control panel features, including Template Manager, which offers pre-loaded responses to frequently asked questions, and Conversation Tracker, which provides an inventory for easily accessible records. The softwareácan also be used during various "big screen events" at arenas, sports stadiums, concert halls, tradeshowsáand otheráfrequently noisy environments.

Other applications for the service could include enabling hotel concierges to respond to guest requests; providing quick communication between automotive dealers and their service departments; and airport representatives sending revised flight itineraries in the event of delays

This launch points to an overall trend of servicing customers who are on-the-go.

Using the tool, customer service providers are able to exchange free-form text messages with customers from their desktop or laptop computers.

"We also can embed links into the SMS (Short Message Service) , allowing customers to be able to get even more information on a particular inquiry they have," Gold said.

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