BCC Software Certified for NCOALink

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BCC Software Inc. has been certified by the U.S. Postal Service as an NCOALink Interface Developer and NCOALink Interface Distributor, the Rochester, NY, company said yesterday.

NCOALink replaces the National Change of Address and FASTforward Mailing List Correction products that mailers use to update mailing lists with one product designed to provide developers and distributors with more convenient, secure access to sensitive address data.

Until now, the full NCOA data were available to a limited number of USPS licensees, with the USPS FASTforward process -- a hardware solution providing 13 months of NCOA data -- available as a USPS-approved alternative.

This certification lets BCC use NCOALink technology in MOVE Manager, an option that enhances the functionality of BCC's Mail Manager 2010 mail-preparation software.

The USPS has announced that NCOALink technology will replace NCOA on Sept. 30, 2004, and FASTforward Mailing List Correction on Sept. 30, 2005. Current customers have until then to switch to the new MOVE Manager product. New customers can apply for the new product and be able use it as of Sept. 30.

With the incorporation of NCOALink technology, BCC's MOVE Manager option will be available in three configurations -- end user, limited-service provider and full-service provider:

· Full-service providers use NCOALink to update mailing lists, most of which are owned by unrelated third parties. The USPS will provide FSPs with a 48-month NCOALink change-of-address data set updated weekly. FSPs pay a $175,000 base annual license fee to the USPS.

· Limited-service providers use NCOALink to update their own mailing lists or mailing lists owned by third parties. LSPs get an 18-month NCOALink data set updated weekly and pay a $15,000 base annual license fee.

· End-user mailers use the product to update mailing lists for their own mailings. They may not update mailing lists for third parties. The USPS will provide these users an 18-month NCOALink data set updated monthly. They pay a $7,500 base annual license fee.

License fees for MOVE Manager will start at $4,300 for the end-user configuration. Additional licensing fees from the USPS apply. Special upgrade pricing will be available for current licensees of BCC's MOVE Manager option featuring FASTforward.

BCC is one of two companies initially certified to offer this technology to mailers. The other is Group 1, Lanham, MD.


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