Data optimization drives media buy

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Marketers have gone beyond using data to inform segmentation strategy. A combination of data now influences display ad buys across ad networks.

"Display is broken, and it has to evolve if it is going to work,” said John Giuliani, chairman and CEO of Dotomi. “The idea of Display 2.0 is about optimizing the ad and making it more relevant through data.”

Blue Kai, a firm that specializes in purchase intent data —  such as search keywords or online shopping behavior patterns — intends to fix that problem by partnering with InterClick, a data optimization network. InterClick's data can be applied across publishers and ad network inventory to provide media buys more relevant to consumers.

“Networks need to start thinking more like supply chain management companies than like media companies, aligning data supply with inventory supply and figuring out the optimal combination of data and inventory,” said Michael Katz, president and founder of InterClick.

The Rubicon Project, another ad networking optimization firm, is also working with Blue Kai to provide intent data to advertisers. “Marketers are looking for technology that includes data intelligence,” said Raj Chauhan, VP of ad network development at the Rubicon Project.

Because buying media across networks and across data providers and vertical networks can be complex, many brands are working with ad optimization firms to help navigate the purchase of more targeted ads that perform better. “Media buyers are looking for people that have relationships with good publishers and premium inventory, as well as transparency in what they are buying,” added Chauhan.

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