Cybuy Service Lets Marketers Embed HTML Order Forms in E-Mail

Interactive e-mail services provider Cybuy is now offering a service that lets marketers send an HTML-embedded order form in e-mail messages.

The service can combine a marketer's product offer with an order form directly in an e-mail window, the company said.

Cybuy said the new service is an enhancement of its transactional e-mail service Cybuy E-mail, which came out last June.

"Offering embedded order forms within an e-mail allows advertisers to capitalize on a consumer's enthusiasm for a product by essentially bringing the store to the consumer," said Dominic DiMascia, Cybuy's CEO. "Our embedded order form solution ensures a shorter buy process, thus providing marketers with technology that will increase conversion."

The company said its order-form-embedded e-mail is delivered entirely in HTML, with no rich media requirements. The order form is fully customizable, Cybuy said.

The new service is the next generation of an interactive e-mail technology that Cybuy developed and recently deployed for BLADES Board & Skate, New York, a retailer of inline skates, skateboards and snowboards. That campaign allowed users to buy selected products with just three clicks of their mouse, without leaving their e-mail application.

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