Data Byte: Barriers Stalling Retailers' Quest for Omnichannel

Rough road to true omnichannel
Rough road to true omnichannel

Omnichannel marketing may be at the top of retailers' wish lists, but it's still just a wish for many. Although nearly half of companies surveyed for a recent study by Forrester have a dedicated omnichannel team, the vast majority, a whopping 94% in fact, report that they still struggle with obstacles such as technology and infrastructure that bar successful omnichannel execution.

The study, commissioned by consulting company Accenture and e-commerce management provider Hybris Software, surveyed 1,205 shoppers and 256 retailers in France, Germany, the U.K., and the United States and found a resounding disconnect between the omnichannel experience customers expect and the one they're given.

Of the surveyed consumers, 71% value in-store inventory information and 39% say they aren't likely to patronize a brick-and-mortar retailer if its website doesn't supply in-store inventory. However, 40% of retailers are struggling to integrate such back-office technology across multiple channels and 68% offer no inventory information at all. 

Additionally, half of consumers want in-store pick-up, but less than 36% of retailers offer it. When offered an in-store pick-up option, 41% of customers expect purchases to be ready within an hour. Fifty-five percent of retailers meet that expectation.
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