Connexion.a changes name to Visual IQ

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Connexion.a has renamed itself and released version 2.0 of its database suite.

The company, now known as Visual IQ, offers dashboard reporting and data warehousing to companies involved in digital, offline and mobile data marketing. The IQ platform, provided via SaaS, shows a consolidated view of consumer behavior over a span of marketing channels.

“Advertisers struggle with coordination,” said Manu Mathew, CEO of Visual IQ. “Ultimately, all the different channels are working with each other, and they need to be measured in their own right and then also rolled up for business metrics. For advertisers, data is fragmented, so to get a complete view of how an offer or message is performing, they have to find a way to quickly and efficiently integrate data from multiple sources in one interface and work with different partners to make necessary adjustments on the fly.”

New features in this release include interactive, customizable dashboards, designed to make data more accessible and more visual. Dashboards deploy a “drag and drop” interface, and users are able to collaborate on data use. The new platform also provides enhanced algorithm measurement so that marketers can identify campaign problems and offer solutions more quickly. Additionally, Visual IQ provides statistical models to marketers on a monthly basis.

Mathew said the company doesn't target a particular vertical with its products, but so far Visual IQ has found traction in the financial and telecommunications sectors.

“Visual IQ is aimed at anyone spending north of $5 million on advertising because, at that point, they have to really figure out how things are working for them,” he said. “They have to integrate the lead side, so there's a lot of emphasis on the acquisition vehicle and segmenting by lead and lead analysis.”

The company could not name specific clients, but Mathew reported that a financial institution would be going live with the product in March. Some others are expected to have implementation completed within the next four to six weeks.

Visual IQ is located in Waltham, MA.

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