Coastal Pushes Value of Inserts

Advertising inserts bound into magazines preprinted on heavy stock are 50 percent more effective in attracting attention than a regular ad printed on magazine stock, according to David Weiss, president of Coastal Printing and Graphics, New York.

Coastal maintains its own creative, media and printing facilities to be a one-stop source for an advertising agency's insert needs.

Weiss said preprinted inserts gain more attention and present a better value than standard magazine ads for the following reasons: four-color inserts supplied to magazines are billed at one-page black and white rates; inserts usually receive an "up front'' position in a magazine; magazines fall open to inserts printed on heavier paper; inserts feel different to the reader's fingers; colors and photographs appear sharper on high quality insert paper printed on sheet fed presses; response cards included in inserts provide a vehicle to measure the ad's impact.

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