ClientLogic Adds Belvoir Subscriber Files

ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services, Weehawken, NJ, said yesterday that it has taken over management of the Belvoir Media Group LLC Health Group list properties, effective immediately.

Belvoir Media Group publishes health-related newsletters. Files include:

* Health Newsletter Master File from Belvoir Media Group with 365,000 active subscribers.

* Health Newsletter Canadian Master File from Belvoir Media Group with 30,000 active subscribers.

* Arthritis Advisor with 98,000 active subscribers.

* Environmental Nutrition Newsletter with 41,000 active subscribers.

* Focus on Healthy Aging with 90,000 active subscribers.

* Food & Fitness Advisor with 70,000 active subscribers.

* HealthNews with 50,000 active subscribers.

* Healthy Years Newsletter with 35,000 active subscribers.

* Heart Advisor Newsletter with 83,000 active subscribers.

* Men's Health Advisor with 60,000 active subscribers.

* Women's Health Advisor with 50,000 active subscribers.

Each file offers recency, geography, paid, gender and expire selects and costs $105/M.

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