The ROI of Customer Experience: Who Cares?

Word to the Wise: Customer

Celebrating Interdependence Day

Turn Total Strangers Into Paying Clients

3 Tips to Align Your Analytics Strategy with the Empowered Consumer

5 Tips for Improving the Ad Engagement Cycle

The Importance of Customer Preference

Reaching the Nonstop Customer

The New Path of the B2B Buyer's Journey

Applying Anna Karenina to Customer Engagement

Customer Feedback Is a Pot of Gold

Personalizing Personalization

The Best and Worst Brands in Temkin Experience Ratings

Brands Have Lost Control, and It's OK

Customer Engagement: Unlocking and Activating Human Behavior

Marketers Take Note: Big Data Is About to Get Personal

For Engagement to Work, Let the User Initiate the Conversation

Take a Holistic View of Measuring Customer Engagement

Delivering a Sweeter Customer Experience

The Next Evolution of Personalization

Resolve to Listen to Your Customers in 2014

Customer Engagement in B2B Marketing

Passionate About Customers

Consumer Power Drives Marketing-Tech Adoption

Word to the Wise: Customer Experience

Saving Customer Relationships Despite Negative WOM

5 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement Using Science

Infographic: The State of Customer Experience (CX)

Creating an Emotional Bond With Consumers

The Sales Funnel is Dead

Is Customer Service Killing Your Brand?

Direct Marketing's Media Take Over

A Hidden Marketing Asset

Missed (Marketing) Opportunities

Banking on Customer Experience Management

The New Bottom Line: Customer Success

The Blending of Marketing and Service

Marketing by the Book—and Beyond

Stop Marketing and Start Tuning In

Direct Marketing: More Relevant Than Ever

Is Bad Service Undermining Your Marketing?

Keep the Customer Conversation Going

4 Ways to Map Marketing to Customers' Journeys

Are You (Customer) Experienced?

How Do Customers Define Customer Experience Marketing?

Consumers Want "Reciprocity of Value"

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Founded in September 2009, Stirista is an integrated marketing agency that specializes in micro-targeting via traditional and digital channels. Our mission is to help companies, non-profits, and universities alike find new prospects and better understand their existing contacts. We are on the preferred vendor list for a handful of Fortune 500 companies with three of the ten largest companies in the world turning to us for marketing insights. To put it simply, we're young (at least at heart), ambitious, and sometimes impulsive-but always hungry for new ideas.

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Founded in September 2009, Stirista is an integrated marketing agency that specializes in ...