Top 5 Spending and Investment Insights from Marketers

Word to the Wise: Hadoop

What's The Story With Big Data?

Making Data Breach Readiness a Priority

Use Data—Big and Small—to Improve Customer Relationships

Analytics and Testing: Do you Want Answers, or Do you Want the Truth?

Computers Like Data, People Like Answers

When Big Data and Small Data Work Together

Word to the Wise: ROI

Why DMP-First Marketers Will Win Out

An Inconvenient (Marketing) Truth

2014 Brings Unwelcome Attention to Data-Driven Marketing

Is Data Management an Oxymoron?

When Segments Overlap

Data Quality's Dirty Little Secret

Government Spying Should Worry Marketers

What's Your Marketing Data Management Type?

Think Small to Turn Big Data Insights Into Everyday Value

Counter Big Data Paranoia With Little Data Optimism

The DL on DMPs

Word to the Wise: Big Data Marketing

Acxiom's Inaccurate Data and Why It's So Useful

How Analytics Can Improve Marketing Efforts

Letting Consumers Manage Their Marketing Preferences—Aha!

The Right Slice

Holistic Measures Move Into the Mainstream

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Pitney Bowes Intros Location Intelligence Platform

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The New Path of the B2B Buyer's Journey

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Which Brands Are the Most (and Least) Trusted?

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