Chairman: ATA Collects $1M for DNC Fight

The American Teleservices Association achieved its goal of more than $1 million in funding for its challenge to the national no-call registry, ATA chairman Tom Rocca said in a statement on the organization's Web site yesterday.

Rocca's statement, issued for the 100th day since he took over as chairman, praised former chairman Tim Searcy for his efforts in building the ATA's strategic defense fund, which will be used to finance the challenge. At its annual conference in October 2002, the ATA urged its members to help it reach the $1 million goal.

The ATA and the Direct Marketing Association have filed federal lawsuits in separate jurisdictions challenging the Federal Trade Commission's no-call registry on constitutional grounds. The organizations claim the list violates guarantees to free speech and equal protection under the law.

The FTC has pressed on with its launch of the no-call list despite the lawsuits and expects consumer registration to begin in the summer.

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