Diesel elicits 'likes' in Spain

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Diesel - Like

The Offer: Diesel wants customers to know that finding items to "like" on Facebook is no longer limited to the digital world. Brick-and-mortar customers are now able to scan a quick response (QR) code next to each product across stores in Spain to register that they like the item 
on Facebook, just as they would an online product.

The Data: The campaign, handled by Spanish agency Fullsix Group, launched May 19th in Madrid and has been introduced in brick-and-mortar stores across the country. No specific data collection exists for this campaign, though future efforts could include such elements, said Javier Gómez de Quero del Castillo, director 
general at Fullsix Group.

The Channel: The stand-alone initiative combines the physical retail experience and a customer's social media experience, Castillo said. It uses mobile and social media to complement point-of-sale promotion, and users can view other Diesel apparel on their phones after liking an item. There is no e-commerce element to the campaign.

The Creative: Apparel on display in Diesel stores accounts for the creative element to the campaign in that the clothing itself must be engaging enough for shoppers to share on Facebook. The QR codes beside each item are red and tough to miss, and each invites passersby
to tell their friends about what they are looking at. 


David Brown is EVP and general manager of Meredith Integrated Marketing. He oversees the company's Content and CRM business, including database analytics agency Directive Analytics. Prior to joining Meredith in 2005, he held senior-level positions at Dentsu and OgilvyOne Worldwide.

What's not to like about this simple idea for Diesel? It's a straightforward demonstration of how to get shoppers to connect to their friends about products they like at point-of-sale. I was hoping for a connection 
to a deeper brand idea, but perhaps that's to come. 

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