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Four tips for small business marketing in a poor economy

Four tips for small business marketing in a poor economy

In some ways, small businesses were hit the hardest by the latest economic downturn. Heather Phillipson, online marketing manager at, says there are a number of ways small businesses can combat the tightening of budgets and the slowdown of consumer spending.

Six social media platforms that brands need to embrace

If your brand is not using social networks, what are you waiting for? There are benefits to using these (for the most part) free tools to enhance a brand's image, collect insightful customer feedback and influence online chatter about a brand, says Aaron Joslow, principal of Rally Point, a webinar and marketing firm.

Three ways to optimize one-to-one marketing

There is a lot that direct marketers can learn from sales techniques, says Amanda Lannert, president of Jellyvision Lab, an interactive firm. "My overall philosophy about communication is that if you are using a one-to-one rich media channel you should sound like a human being," she said.

Dialing for dollars

Dialing for dollars

Over the past 30 years, there have been incredible shifts in how telemarketing is because of technology and legislation. Outbound calls had their heyday in the early 90s, until rigorous growth was curbed due to the National Do Not Call Registry.

Mail volumes begin their rebound, says Mintel

Direct marketing analyst Mintel Comperemedia disclosed last week that 180 million credit card offers were sent to consumers last month, according to its research. That number is the highest monthly total tracked since last December and the first significant rise in mail volume all year, according to the company.

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