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Service Plans

Agency: DDB UK
Client: Volkswagen

Volkswagen, working with DDB UK, promoted its service plans by demonstrating their long-term benefits and showing retailers how easy it is to create return customers by using them. The company sent an authentic closed-circuit TV security disc to retailers, which showed two salesmen caught on camera doing odd things to make their customers come back. The film also included an internal presentation that showed recipients other ways to create return customers. Thirty-nine percent of recipients viewed the presentation.

Creative Director
Guy Bradbury

Art Director
Deborah James

Chris Lapham

Kevin Clarke, Andrew Walsh


Laminate Rocks!
Agency: Proximity/BBDO Minneapolis
Client: Formica
ECD: Brian Kroening

My Memoirs
Agency: Wunderman
Client: Lufthansa Germany
ECD: Erik Backes

Agency: Di Paola
Client: LoJack
CD: Flavio Rucci


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