Boots Pulls Up Straps for E-Mail

British beauty and health retailer Boots tapped e-mail service provider e-Dialog for e-mail communications with its customers, joining other firms like British Airways, Tesco and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Boots started its relationship with e-Dialog, Boston, on a two-month pilot basis to help with its e-mail newsletter program.

The Nottingham, England-based retailer aims to use e-mail to drive business and support other initiatives, such as its loyalty programs, Advantage Card and Parenting and Health Clubs.

The e-Dialog platform lets marketers use targeting tactics, such as segmentation, dynamic content publishing, data management and analysis, all of which increased opens and click-through rates in Boots' control tests.

The service also includes reporting and measurement tools, permission-based e-mail, printed direct mail, RSS and mobile messaging.

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