BoldFish Offers Rapid E-Mail Streaming

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BoldFish Inc. is expected today to announce Express Network, an e-mail delivery service designed to eliminate bottleneck problems that slow large campaigns.

The service was built to work with BoldFish's server. The package costs $30,000 for a list of 100,000 recipients per year. Companies also can use their own servers and license Express Network for a fee determined by how many gigabytes per month are used in the campaigns.

Regardless of whether a company uses its own servers or BoldFish's, the e-mails are eventually sent to the Express Network server, which was designed to handle more than 1 million messages. The server is located one router from Yahoo and Hotmail, which the company said would hasten delivery.

The router location lessens the possibility of campaigns being temporarily obstructed by bounced e-mail and spam clutter, said Barbara Tallent, president/CEO of BoldFish.

The system allows bulk e-mails to be targeted to individual recipients. For example, an apparel marketer could search a database for people who bought red sweaters last year and send each person a personalized message.

BoldFish, Santa Clara, CA, plans to target financial companies, e-commerce sites, customer service firms and publishing houses. The company will partner only with firms that use only opt-in lists.

"Financial firms are a [key] target because they aren't exactly in the position where they want to be tied to spam," Tallent said.

The service can be purchased from BoldFish or from one of its third-party vendors, such as Broadbase Software Inc., Menlo Park, CA.

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