Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida gets chatty

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida (BCBSF) has launched a new multiplatform campaign, developed by Draftfcb Chicago.

The “Power of the human voice” campaign, launched on April 21, includes interactive, out-of-home, direct mail, TV, print and radio components. Through the campaign, BCBSF is attempting to create a dialogue on healthcare with the public. All creative directs people to a microsite and a 1-800 number, where they can record their opinions of, problems with and suggestions for healthcare and health insurance.

“The ad campaign promotes an initiative that is the latest element of what we refer to as our retail transformation,” said a spokesperson for BCBSF. “We've always been very good at listening to employer group customers, but we realize now more than ever the focus needs to be on individual consumer. The ad campaign is designed to provoke people with very emotional spots to get them to go online and record their comments.”

BCBSF is also forming street teams to conduct in-person interviews with Floridians. This customer-centric approach feeds into the company's overall transition to a consumer-focused retail business. The transition also included the opening of bricks-and-mortar BCBSF stores and the launch of more affordable, tailored insurance plans.

“The greater purpose of this initiative is to give people a tool that allows them to participate in the discussion about healthcare, which is increasing in volume with the national elections and because of the issue of affordability,” the spokesperson continued.

Campaign ads will run in both English and Spanish, with languages targeted based on population breakdowns. One reason Draftfcb was chosen to create the ads is the company's skill in marketing to the Hispanic audience in Florida.

“They don't just translate, they transculturate the ads and entirely re-work them,” the spokesperson said.

One ad is voiced in Spanish-accented English, to appeal to the acculturated Hispanic audience.

Feedback for the campaign will be analyzed to guide program and product development for BCBSF and to launch new community initiatives. The recordings will also be available to outside sources, including other healthcare providers and politicians. BSBCF will post some of the comments, and its own responses, on its Web site in an effort to answer consumer questions about healthcare. It is slated to run for about three years.

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