Best Buy Sticks With Fun Theme for Movie Store

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Best Buy Co. Inc., the nation's leading consumer electronics specialty chain, began the second phase of an online advertising campaign last week to highlight its movie DVD offerings.

Titled "Think you know movies?", the effort shows a stick figure re-enacting famous scenes from "The Seven Year Itch," "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and "Psycho."

"What they want to do is they want to associate fun with Best Buy," said Teri Franklin, public relations manager at Seattle-based Avenue A, which along with Digitas, Chicago, created the interactive campaign.

The stick figure was introduced in November, when the effort's initial push launched.

Targeting movie-going customers and DVD buyers, the current campaign seeks to create brand awareness for and Best Buy bricks-and-mortar stores nationwide.

While Digitas developed the campaign, Avenue A bought media on sites like,,, and In this next wave, Best Buy uses rich media Eyeblaster ads as well as traditional landing pages.

Consumers who click through the ad go to the landing page on Animation then kicks off.

For instance, the stick figure spoofs the classic Marilyn Monroe scene in "The Seven Year Itch" where her skirt flies up over a grate in the sidewalk. Another scene is the stick figure parading as Janet Leigh in the shower shot in "Psycho."

Once the animation ends, the consumer is taken to the movie store online. All the while, however, the consumer can click the links at the bottom of the ad and locate an offline Best Buy store or go online to shop for flicks.

Third-party ad serving will help Avenue A track the results of the campaign. More importantly, Best Buy will continue to poll consumers on whether they associate fun with Best Buy.

Like the previous leg of the effort using the stick figure, consumers responding to the online ad will see a survey pop up. Response from the survey will help Best Buy tune its branding as well as aid in ad recall and slogan linkage.

The campaign runs through June 26.

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