Beach Body Dreamers - Diet, Health, and Fitness Mailing List - ConsumerBase

Beach Body Dreamers - Diet, Health, and Fitness Mailing List

New manager: ConsumerBase

Previous manager: New to market

List type: Postal, email, and telephone

No. of names: 28,459,852 postal; 2,595,538 email; 1,804,354 telephone

Cost: $110/M mail; $60/M email; $45/M phone

Description: This list features consumers who are dreaming of perfect abs, buns, and biceps. These individuals have purchased diet, weight loss, and fitness-related products and services, and subscribe to diet and weight loss publications (health magazines, catalogs, etc.).

Selects: Include by age, interest categories, dwelling size/type, gender/sex, occupation, homeowner, income select, length of residence, marital status, and recency

Contact: ConsumerBase LLC, 1603 Orrington Avenue, Suite 900, Evanston, IL 60201

Phone: 847/866-9600

Fax: 847/864-2642


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