B-to-c email list prices drop, other lists steady: Worldata

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The average cost per thousand (CPM) of business aggregated email databases decreased $20 since the start of the first quarter, according to Worldata's List Price Index for spring 2011.

The average cost of permission-based b-to-c email lists dropped 13.3% this spring to $93/M compared with the same period of 2010, representing the largest percentage drop. The average cost of permission-based b-to-c email lists had already dropped 7.3% year-over-year this winter, according to Worldata's winter 2011 List Price Index.

“We're still seeing a decline in the consumer email category,” said Ray Tesi, SVP of Worldata. “Daily deal offers are contributing to the decline in that category. We're seeing more consumer acceptance of looking for a deal. If we get mailers that are in more of a deal mode, we'll see the use bounce back, but maybe not the CPM. The CPM will continue to drop.” 

Permission-based medium-to-large email files remained steady at $279/M, representing the highest-priced domestic category. Aggregated databases remained at $90/M, as did aggregated email databases, which remained at $184/M.

“Permission-based medium-to-large-size database email files are very large databases,” said Tesi. “They have a high CPM domestically at $279 per thousand. They must be getting the results mailers are looking for.”

Donors remained the lowest-priced category, with an average list price of $85/M. The category saw a $1/M, or 1.2% increase, representing the largest percentage increase during the year.

“Donor lists denote someone who is active in donations or purchasing, and obviously they're spending money,” said Tesi. “Donor lists for very specific offers work very well. In these times when it's difficult to get money out of people, these lists carry weight.” 

When asked if the report had any over-arching implications, Tesi responded by saying “it depends what list you manage.”

“If you're a manager of a big b-to-c list, I might be a little worried,” he said. “These are voluntary sign-ups. If you're in b-to-b and you have a substantial quantity of names in your database, you should be happy with how the industry is trending.”

Worldata reports the List Price Index quarterly. The report compares list prices during any given 12-month period and tracks price fluctuations in various categories.

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