Avoiding bumps in the inserts road

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All insert media requires keen attention to production specifications but, with credit card statement inserts, you need to be extra careful. Focusing on proper production and delivery of inserts is the first step. Most programs have exacting specifications. Study all pallet-stacking requirements and special carton labeling to be sure your printer has the capability to meet them.

Ensure your printer includes time in the schedule for proper carton packing. Often, inserts must be packed into bundles of a certain amount of inches, with cardboard inserts at the top and bottom of each bundle, and banded with an acceptable material.

Some insertion facilities have specific days and some require advance appointments. Build extra days into the production schedule for approval.


Paperweight must be heavy enough for a successful business reply card return

Many programs require barcoding on each insert, so plan extra space. Select paper that ensures your piece does not exceed weight requirements, but is thick enough for a successful business reply card return.

Send preaddressed FedEx labels to the issuer so they can send any customer orders they may receive back to you.

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