AirWare revamps marketing strategy to include DRTV, paid search

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AirWare, the manufacturer of anti-snoring aid Brez, has overhauled its marketing strategy to include a DRTV campaign and paid search to drive online and phone orders.

The DRTV spots, created by Philadelphia-based Impax Marketing Group, will begin airing in March. They will target women who want to change the behavior of male bed partners who snore.

The creative will feature testimonials from Brez users and drive consumers to the Web site or a 1-800 number to order.

“When we developed our retail spots last year, Impax was one of the first partners to say to us, ‘Hey, you guys have a great direct-to-consumer opportunity,' and they shot additional footage specifically to develop a DRTV spot,” said Howard Kaufman, CMO of AirWare.

The company also began a paid search element to drive online sales. Launched February 17, it was created by agency SearchWerks, said Kaufman.

“In conjunction with this TV campaign, we are launching paid search to figure out what's the best ROI that we can deliver for our campaign,” he said. “We're out there right now with the search. We've started it early to figure out what the key terms that drive traffic and conversion are.”

The company is using the direct response model to get more information about its customers, Kaufman continued.

“Our strategy in 2009 was very much about driving to retail. We advertised in O, the Oprah Magazine and had free-standing inserts out there,” he said. “As we were developing our CRM strategy and learning and identifying our customers, we found that when you're dealing with retailers, you don't really know at the end of the day who's buying your product. But with direct response, whether it's paid search, e-mail or DRTV, it's pretty much real-time information.”

AirWare previously drove sales and collected customer data online through social media. These initiatives, aided by Mint Social, included the Snorum company blog and online panel discussions with experts. The company's goal was to inform consumers and gather leads.

Mint is helping AirWare develop its e-mail database and CRM order-management system, Kaufman added.

He said the company will add another agency to its roster soon.

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