Retail Marketing is Omnichannel Marketing

Keynote Session

11:00 - 11:40 am

Rack Room Shoes' Pumps Up It's Customer Loyalty

The retailer combines data, research, and mobile email to deliver a high-heeled digital loyalty program.

Keeping pace with the on-the-go shoe lovers who comprise its customer base is top priority for Rack Room Shoes. So, after conducting extensive research and data analysis, the retailer launch a stylishly modern loyalty points program to attract and retain these mobile moms. A year into the program, 2.1 million customers have enrolled and the retailer has captured 20% more of its customers' overall shoe budget.

Join Jan Mauldin, director of corporate marketing at Rack Room Shoes, to learn the strategy and execution behind the success of the loyalty program. She will explain the:

• Drivers behind the launch of its digitally focused loyalty program

• Research and data that informed the retailers' decisions

• Overall channel strategy for the loyalty program

• Digital elements of the program and how it integrates with other channels

• Lessons learned in researching and rolling out the program

Networking Break

11:40 - 11:55 am

Acquia Sponsored Session

11:55 - 12:35 pm

Content for Commerce: Create Emotionally Engaging Shopping Experiences that Convert

The game has changed for retailers and brands online. Forget the funnel. Consumers now forge their own unique discovery paths through innumerable digital channels. In the midst of digital disruption, organizations are looking to regain control of the brand discovery experience.

Legacy organizational and technical structures no longer meet the expectations of today's consumer. Most organizations are not structured to adequately address these changing consumer expectations: If marketing owns the brand experience and the commerce team owns the number, everyone loses, including the customer. To remain competitive, brands need to deliver unified and engaging content, commerce, and social experiences. To do this successfully, they must transform roles, responsibilities, and enabling technologies to get rid of silos and disjointed digital experiences.

Join Ray Grady, as he digs deeper into the state of commerce, including:

• How global brands are affecting change to drive emotionally engaging experiences that are content-rich, socially immersive, and build brand loyalty
• The leading content and commerce integration models, plus how to select the right one for your business
• Benefits of integrating content, community, and commerce to provide a unified brand experience across all channels, devices, and geographies

Networking Break

12:35 - 12:50 pm

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