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Keynote: New Markets Require New Insight

Yankee Candle's omnichannel marketing helps keep customer insight aflame. Brad Wolansky, president and CMO of the candle company, will discuss how Yankee Candle uses a variety of vehicles (ranging from social media to direct mail) to spark product feedback, generate fragrance suggestions, and create a sense of community. He will cite the Man Candles launch as an example of the company's burning success.

11:55 - 12:35PM


12:50 - 1:30PM

Keynote: Getting Intimate With Lifestyle Segment Strategy Intimates are not a one-size-fits-all business.

Lingerie retailer Freshpair uses data to create a personalized experience for all of its different shoppers across channels. The company looks for the patterns in how their customers shop, identifies key lifestyle segments and tests like crazy to make sure that customers are getting the right message. In this session, Jason Scoggins, director of customer experience at Freshpair, will show how his company disrupted the landscapes for intimates shopping by taking a customer-centric data-driven approach to marketing.

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