Online/Offline BTB Push Exceeds Expectations

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An integrated marketing campaign by Lucent Technologies has generated an 8 percent response rate.

More than 15,000 direct mail pieces were sent in February to "key decision-makers" at phone companies and Internet service providers promoting Lucent's Stinger RT DSL service. The pieces included a business reply card but also directed people to call a toll-free number or visit for more information. The URL appears in red while the rest of the copy is in black.

A video at the Web page, which Lucent took down last week, featured an adaptation of the Doobie Brothers' song "Takin' It to the Streets," to promote Stinger RT's durability in outdoor installations. The video showed the Stinger RT in a variety of elements, including snow and sun.

Lucent had anticipated a response rate of 4 percent and surpassed that within the first two weeks of the campaign.

"Since then there has been a steady flow of responses, and it looks like it will total out at more than 8 percent," said Kate Sacamano, account manager for Rosen Brown Direct, Portland, OR, the ad agency that helped design the campaign. "I think the campaign has generated such a good response because DSL technology is hot right now and it's the right product at the right time."

A response was defined as someone sending back the mailer's reply card or completing the online version. The card asked for the recipient's phone number and e-mail address and included five questions designed to measure the quality of the lead.

The responses were split evenly between the reply card provided on the mail piece and responses coming via the Web, Sacamano said.

The Web site was important in enabling people to see three "tiers of information," she said.

"With B-to-B campaigns, it can be hard to tell what the people being targeted are going to want to see, so we provide a mixture of things," Sacamano said. "The three that people most often want to see are technical details on the product, what type of ROI its features and benefits can provide to their business and an overview of the product."

The front of the mailer was designed to look like the Stinger RT. The cover reads: "Built to withstand freezing cold, blistering heat and pounding customers."

It opens to include a description of the product, then folds open further to show how and where the product can be used. The text describes how the product can help companies expand and improve their DSL services.

There's an offer of a free Thermos and a Lucent backgrounder on Stinger RT called "Next Generation Broadband Access from Remote Terminals" for those who responded.

The cost of the mail piece and the campaign was not disclosed.


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