DMN's 2017 Agency Snapshot

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DMN's 2017 Agency Snapshot
DMN's 2017 Agency Snapshot

Olson 1to1

Date Founded: 2007

Principal/CEO: Guy Cierzan, Managing Director

Services Offered: Strategy & Analytics, Loyalty & CRM Strategy. Digital Strategy, Insights & Analytics. Digital Platforms & Experiences, Loyalty & CRM Platforms, Customer Data Management, Digital Experience Development, Platform Operations. Creative & Program Management, Creative Strategy & Execution, User Experience & Architecture Design, Program & Content Management

Sample Clients: Wyndham Hotels Worldwide, Amtrak, Hyatt Hotels, Luxottica, Citi, Darden Restaurants, Amtrak Guest Rewards Relaunch

Describe your agency in 10 words or less: End-to-end loyalty and CRM, delivering personalized experiences and measurable growth.

The below quotes are attributed to Suzy Cox, EVP Client Success & Growth

Case Studies

Amtrak Guest Rewards

In 2016, Amtrak, with the help of Olson 1to1, relaunched the Amtrak Guest Rewards program, offering a simpler, easier and richer experience: It was now faster for members to hit their first award ticket, and there was more availability to use their points when they want to, with a simplified earning and redemption structure. We also provided more service options, like changing or canceling redemption travel on, with no point expiration. All this while increasing communications and relevance across the member journey.

Our joint goal was to activate more members and increase redemption, and in just nine months, not only were total redemptions up, but overall member engagement as well as program enrollments were up in strong double digits.

Luxottica LensCrafters Clarifye Immersive Experience:

In late 2016, Luxottica's LensCrafters partnered with Olson 1to1 to come up with a creative, conceptual solution of an immersive, 360-degree video experience called “See How Your Child Sees.” The experience harnessed the power of 360-degree video to allow parents to virtually see through their child's eyes to experience the daily visual challenges some children are confronted with but may be unable to articulate. The immersive video also gave Mom (parents) a chance to experience a side-by-side simulation of their child's current vision uncorrected and corrected vision.

The “See How Your Child Sees” campaign was first launched through their CRM channels, specifically targeting moms and households with children, featuring the 360-degree video directly in the communications themselves, allowing parents to open up the email and jump into the immersive experience immediately, regardless of device. These communications also pointed to a unique and branded landing page featuring the Clarifye technology (and video), developed to allow parents to discover and explore more about vision challenges and the impact they can have on a child's life. We then extended the conversation by activating the “See How Your Child Sees” video on the LensCrafters YouTube and Facebook Pages.

The campaign not only delivered both excellent core actions in the form of eye exams scheduled the week of deployment (representing more than 1/3 of total exams scheduled in the campaign week), but also experienced significant sales contribution throughout the duration of the campaign, including exceeding incremental sales goals and significantly higher than expected ROI for LensCrafters."

3 Trends for 2017

An ongoing trend we see in our space is that customers and loyalty members are increasingly responding to experiences that brands can deliver, and moving away from traditional rewards, shifting from transactional, points-based programs to experiential benefits that foster brand loyalty.

Brands are increasingly finding opportunities to add value in the customer journey, in real-time and relevant ways by removing friction and enhancing the customer experience throughout those “in between” moments. For example, your rental car company or hotel that reacts to your flight delay by moving back pick up or check in time, upgrading your room or car, etc., to anticipate or alleviate an unforeseen inconvenience.

Finally, another emerging trend we see happening is how physical locations are becoming the link between digital and personal experiences with a brand, in ways that drive loyalty and repeat purchases, particularly in retail. The ability to identify customers as they walk into the store, or even before they arrive, allowing the in-store experience to be truly personalized is allowing frontline associates to deliver an entirely different level of service, from preferences and sizes/measurements to past purchases and available rewards." 

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