ABC Family to launch social media holiday campaign for 'Pretty Little Liars'

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ABC Family will launch a holiday campaign to build awareness and engage fans of the show Pretty Little Liars before it returns to the small screen on January 3.

The effort, which will kick off October 31, includes direct mail and social media. ABC Family worked with GetGlue, a mobile application provider that allows consumers to “check-in” with television shows, movies, music and books.

After consumers check in with the show, the network will mail them holiday-themed collectible stickers of show characters.

“Our main objective is to create awareness and build buzz around the series in between seasons,” said Danielle Mullin, VP of marketing at ABC Family. "Pretty Little Liars is a hit show with a passionate fan base and we knew that the check-in concept, paired with collectible stickers, would be a fun and engaging way to let consumers interact with the show while it is on hiatus.”

ABC Family is targeting consumers ages 14 to 34 with the effort.

Mullin emphasized that the network needs to use multiple platforms to reach Millennials “in a fun and impactful way that allows them to have a deeper engagement with our programming.”

“We believe that the check-in platform offers a lot of interesting opportunities in the online space to build buzz and allow our ‘super fans' to introduce their friends to their passions,” she said.

Fraser Kelton, VP of business development at GetGlue, said the stickers are rewards for viewers who consider themselves the ultimate fans of the show.

He said the company will not use the collected data for retargeting, although it does obtain addresses to mail the stickers.

GetGlue will measure the number of stickers mailed, the amount of check-ins, and how often consumers share the site with friends through social media.

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