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Although word-of-mouth marketing can be difficult to measure, it is one of the most cost-effective and fastest growing channels out there -- WOM spend increased from $722 million in 2005 to $981 million in 2006. Three experts offer tips on how to optimize buzz campaigns to reach brand influencers.

Just ask them

"What's the trick to getting consumers to talk about your brand? Ask them to try your product -- it's an effective way to generate excitement and genuine recommendations. Then ask them to tell you and other consumers what they think. The two-way conversation builds goodwill for the brand and reinforces the consumer's role as an 'influencer.'"

Fiona Pietruski, CMO, SheSpeaks Inc.

Keep them involved

"Knowledge is the secret ingredient to creating word of mouth. It's what makes brand advocates feel special and influential. Don't underestimate the value of someone feeling “in the know.” Find ways to make your customers feel like company insiders, because being first or having exclusive knowledge inspires people to persuade."

Dave Balter, founder and CEO, BzzAgent

Get social

"Provide your influencers with a unique yet authentic atmosphere to have a conversation on behalf of your brand. If there is authenticity and legitimate passion for a brand, a recommendation will provide a strong value. During the conversation, a tangible and immersive experience will take place in a leisurely time period. Overall, the recommendation should take place in a non sales-charged, trusted location among friends with no agenda."

Kitty Kolding, CEO, House Party

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