24/7 Teams Up With ITV Companies To Expand Advertising Channels

24/7 Media Inc., New York has signed deals with Pace Micro Technology, a set-top box provider, and Sea Change Technology, a server of broadband videos on demand, in an effort to expand its ad serving capabilities in the interactive television arena.

Through the partnerships, 24/7 is able to serve advertisements on televisions where the Pace Micro Technology set-top boxes are employed. 24/7 will serve advertisements to hotel visitors ordering videos on demand provided by Sea Change Technology. The company said it eventually plans to expand its ad serving to home-based interactive television, but would not yet disclose specifics on plans.

24/7 first entered the interactive television space roughly one year ago with the acquisition of IMAKE Software & Services Inc. The company's interactive advertising division is labeled 24/7 Media, Broadband & Professional Services.

Pace Micro Technology employs over 2.5 million digital set-top boxes in the United Kingdom, Latin America, Australia and Asia.

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