21st Century Marketing manages elderly caregiver file

List manager 21st Century Marketing has taken management of the Care Giver's Home Companion file comprised of 7,860,795 individuals at a base price of $120/M.

Marketers for the first time will have direct access to family caregivers to the elderly, who are the decision makers on the expenditures and needs of their elderly loved ones. They approve, on average, $40,000 per year in spending decisions.

The newsletter has built this list by compiling the information from its subscriber list and from visitors from its Web site.

Because more than one in every four U.S. households cares for an elderly loved one, these individuals make up a trillion-dollar market.

Selects include household income, ethnicity, home value, presence of a grandparent in the home and head of household.

21st Century Marketing is based in Farmingdale, NY.

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