2016 Editorial Calendar

The below is the up-to-date DMN content calendar. Any previous calendar you may have (likely a PDF) is now out-of-date. We will continue to add story ideas to this, so please check back often and always check before you pitch.

Some important notes:

We are covering less and less individual news. Pitches for new accounts, hires, and studies will likely not be covered. However, if your recent news fits into a larger trend not yet covered, we may be interested.

Please do not pitch multiple stories in one email. Every story will require a separate email with the specific subject line. We will try to respond to as many pitches as possible. The date below is our publish date, so you should be pitching us 3+ weeks in advance if you want to participate.



One-on-One Podcast

A 20-minute discussion on key and relevant topics. Pitch should include the 2-3 topics of which the proposed interviewee is an expert.

Subject Line: One-on-One Podcast

Five Minutes With: A Five Question Interview Series (article).

Pitch should include the 2-3 topics of which the proposed interviewee is an expert.

Subject Line: Five Minutes With

This is How We Do It

This a submitted column only available to senior client-side brand marketers.

The article can be about almost any topic as long as there is an underlying marketing strategy component. Please pitch the individual and the subject matter first - do not submit the full article without getting approval from DMN.

Subject Line: This is How We Do It

CMO Confidential: A Q&A-style format with client-side brand CMOs.

Subject Line: CMO Confidential

Case Studies

We talk to brand marketers and their agency and technology partners to do a post-mortem on a recent campaign and/or strategy that proved successful (or not successful, but we're realistic). Participants must be prepared to share data and be candid about challenges. We must speak to the brand, not just the agency or technology partner.

Subject Line: Case Study

Know Now

DMN's version of an explainer. Got an interesting topic (see examples here) that you can be an expert on? Pitch us

Subject Line: Know Now: [Subject Proposed]

Spotlight On

An occasional write-up and podcast on key trends. We do not interview sources for this piece; however, if you or your company have written a blog post about an under-reported or unknown trend, or have an interesting take, send it out way.

Subject Line: Spotlight On - [Subject Matter]



Ad Blocking

August 18

We will be talking to industry experts, researchers, and ad blocking companies to try to get to the bottom of how this will all end - if it ever does.

Subject Line: Ad Blocking Feature

Spotlight On: Agencies

August 25

We talk to the marketing agencies driving today's digital marketing for a series of Q&As on which trends they are excited about and which ones keep them up at night

Note: Must be an agency that supplies CRM/customer experience/marketing strategy. No PR agencies.

Subject Line: Omnichannel Agencies


The Sports Feature

September 2

Statistics and advanced analytics are revolutionizing the way sport teams look at their players. Is it doing the same for marketing?

Subject Line: Sports Feature

Saving Content Marketing

September 9

Why content marketing is broken and how to fix it.

Subject Line: Fix Content Marketing

Build a Better Marketing Department

September 16

We examine what would happen if companies could remake their entire marketing operations from scratch.

Subject Line: Build a Better Marketing Department

The Future of the USPS

September 20

Keith O'Brien explores what the rollout of Delivery will do and whether postal reform will ever happen. Experts in this space should email team@dmnews.com.

Subject Line: Future of the USPS


The Creative Gap

October 20

What to do when you have 100 audience segments and only two messages.

Subject Line: The creative gap

Owning Diversity

October 23

When should brands speak out, and what should they say? And what do they need to do internally first?

Subject Line: Dealing with Diversity


A Very Bot-y Week

November 3

We interact with mobile bots to see if this is really the future of customer experience or a flash in the pan. Got a bot? Pitch us.

Subject Line: Bot Week

State of Mobile

November 10

As we approach the 10th anniversary year of the iPhone, where does mobile stand and where is it going?

The Incubator Experiment

November 20

Brands have been investing in startups for years; what, if anything, are they getting out of it?

Subject Line: The Incubator Experiment


Buzzword Review

December 1

A "March Madness" style tournament to crown the buzzword of the year.

Subject Line: Buzzwords

Bold Predictions

December 15

What will happen in 2017? We ask readers to contribute their thoughts

Subject Line: Bold Predictions



E-Mail Week

August 15 - 19

Secrets of the Most Successful E-Mail Marketers

Tentative depending on edatasource participation, but we would get their data on the top 10 email marketers by open rates and analyze why they're so successful.

The editorial teams behind email marketing

We get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the content teams powering great email marketing

Email Glossary

We will explore the various terms and techniques behind email marketing

The History of Email Marketing

Hall of Fame

We will examine the best and worst email campaigns in recent history

Marketing Technology Week

August 29 - Sep 2

Tech Buyer's Guide

We will talk to agencies and brands in the industry to get an opinion of what tools are best for which types of marketing opportunities. We'll also talk to vendors about how clients and they can work better together through some features described below.

How to Sell

We ask brand-side executives what they want to know when they are approached by salespeople from martech companies.

Subject Line: How to Sell (Brands and Their Representatives Only)

How to Buy

We ask martech companies to discuss how brands can better educate themselves on what they need to know in order to make smart purchasing decisions.

Subject Line: How to Buy

How I Sold My Company

We talk to executives who sold their martech companies to the big clouds.

Subject Line: I Sold My Company

Etiquette guide

How clients and martech companies can work better together, and how to not take advantage of each other.


Data Week

September 5 - 9

Harnessing data

How to pull it together, share it and use it.

Subject Line: Harnessing the Data

Data Scientist Profiles

The data scientists leading the charge at the world's leading analytics companies. We want to profile the best and brightest.

Subject Line: Data Week: Scientists

Predictive Analytics

What is the limit of what we'll be able to predict? What happens when everyone has the same technology/abilities?

Subject Line: Data Week: Predictive Analytics

Retail Week

September 19 - 23

During the week of September 19 - 23, DMN will focus its coverage on the emerging trends in the retail space. Including a feature looking at how the retail experience will change in the next decade, we will profile leading retailers and their marketing and operations, highlight the tech powering the greatest innovations, and discuss how online and brick and mortar are merging.

Future of Retail

A combination of articles, videos, and webcast that tackles how retail marketing will change in the next 10 years.

Subject line: Future Week: Retail

Retail Snapshots

We will investigate--through interviews and real customer perspectives--the retail experience of five major retailers.

Subject line: Retail Snapshots

The view behind the tech

We talk to some of the most innovative technologies powering modern retail and how they work.

Subject line: Retail Tech


Contrary Opinion Week

October 3-7

This week only, we will be accepting contributed pieces for all participants. The one caveat is they need to draft an article 300-500 words that expresses a very contrary opinion about marketing, culture, or technology.

Subject line: Contrary opinion pitch

We'll also explore some of the biggest contrarian decisions in corporate America and why they worked

Future Week

October 17-21

We will explore the future of marketing in a series of features, profiles, analyses, and data points. Topics will include VR/AR, industry-specific futurecasting, and others.

Future of Brands

Looking for senior marketers in key industries to give us a sense of how they think their marketing organization will impact and be impacted by future changes to marketing strategy, technology, and data.

Subject Line: Future Week Brands


How/If VR will change marketing

Subject Line: The Rs

Future of Industries

We are looking for experts in the following industries to tell us how things will change in the next 10 years with a heavy focus on marketing

Industries covered

Future of Entertainment - subject line: Future Week: Entertainment

Future of Healthcare - subject line: Future Week: Healthcare

Future of Consumer Goods - subject line: Future Week: Consumer Goods

Big Predictions

Through this form, anyone can make a major prediction for what will happen in the future. Not limited to marketing, it can be about geopolitics, technology, culture, anything. We'll publish our favorite ones (but not guaranteed to publish every submission). Fill out this form if interested.



If your organization has a person tasked with identifying future trends, we may be interested in profiling him or her. Pitch the person, his or her bio, and title with subject line: Future Week: Futurist.

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