1105 Media Lead Generation Program Responder Database - MeritDirect

1105 Media Lead Generation Program Responder Database

New manager: MeritDirect

Previous manager: New to market

List type: Postal, e-mail

No. of names: 224,144 postal; 235,037 e-mail

Cost: $275/M postal; $425/M e-mail

Description: This list includes highly responsive individuals who have downloaded white papers and registered for webcasts.

Selects: Include by industry type, geography, personalization, suppression and transmission

Contact: Elizabeth Jackson, MeritDirect, 1007 Church St., Ste. 550, Evanston, IL 60201

Phone: 847/492-1350 x18

Fax: 847/492-0085

E-mail: ejackson@meritdirect.com

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